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Wonder Woman I (Digital) 2014

Just a quick idea I had in mind of the fierceful Amazon princess, who’s still one of my fav’ DCU woman. More to come ( PS: Gold parts are definitely not metal in my mind. Just so you know)

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Wonder Woman - Infinite Crisis [x]


Recently I was commissioned to paint “my interpretation of Wonder Woman.” Wow, I thought, 1. Why haven’t I done that yet? 2. What is my interpretation of Wonder Woman?

I love history, especially ancient Greece and its legends. Immediately, I wanted Wonder Woman dressed as a classic Greek Warrior; armor, shield, shin braces, cape, helmet, the works. Since she is an Amazon princess, I decided to add some wild feathers, braids, and beads. To complete her overall “Legend of Greece” feel I gave her a lean, toned “Spartan” build.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Wonder Woman’s usual “girl at the beach in an 80s swimsuit” look too, but I didn’t want to paint that. I wanted to paint an epic warrior princess of myth and legend. I wanted to paint someone would could run with Superman or Hercules, depending on the circumstances. 

And so here she is, my interpretation of Wonder Woman. Thank you to Kerry, who commissioned this, a thousand times!

Painted with watercolors and ink on watercolor paper, by Georgia Dunn.


Amazons, like everyone else, need a hearty breakfast!

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"woman’s a goddess."

[watching paparazzi videos on youtube of adrianne palicki filming wonder woman scenes and pretending it’s actually a wonder woman tv show]

The Wonder Family

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Infinite Crisis - "What Do You Fight For?"


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