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Wonder Woman for the latest Sketch Dailies challenge.


Lily on the moon - Ophélie Jones Cosplay (France) as Black Widow and

Ekidna Costumes (France) as Wonder Woman.

Photo I by: Thibault Demorat

Photos II and III by: Julien Rico photographe

Wonder Woman #35 Monster Variant by Aaron Lopresti

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Superman/Wonder Woman #10 (2014)

Wonder Woman IS a feminist and a feminist icon. I am so tired of men saying they want her to just be human, be a person first. Like feminists aren’t human? Like Wonder Woman wasn’t born out of clay and her mother’s love and power, without a man’s help. Like she wasn’t raised on an island of Amazons where no man is allowed to step foot.

Like she doesn’t fight with her LIFE for women’s rights, but also all humans’ rights, which is what feminism is all about. People need to understand feminism, need to learn that it’s not a bad word, and realize that Wonder Woman is synonymous with the feminist movement.

Superman #31 (2014)
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» Exclusive: DC Comics’ WONDER WOMAN #32 Preview

“Wonder Woman is many different things: An emissary of peace, a loyal friend, a loving daughter… but first and always, she is an Amazon. A Warrior.”

— League of One by Christopher Moeller

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Wonder Woman with her Justice League: War outfit. Girlfriend really liked it and I do too! :)

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