"And you can hide in that suit. But chainmail, Kevlar; there isn’t an armor in existance I haven’t cut through to bring an enemy to the truth!"

Wonder Woman in Batman #35

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DC Comics Queens → Diana of Themyscira

 ↳ I am the Goddess of Truth. Yet you remain… a man of mystery. What I deserve is to know more about a man who professes such interest in me.

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Wonder Woman - JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014)


"Wonder Woman" Skateboard Wiz (1978) 

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #3 (2014)

In other media: Wonder Woman

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okay so I drew this immediately after the new ww photo release, I couldn’t resist. Loving the design but I would make a few modifications. This is the Wonder Woman I would want to see on the big screen<3 with captain america:winter-soldier-esque shield yesssss!! eventually I’ll turn this into a trinity picture and maybe clean it up *sigh* it was rushed :/ on dA here too [x]


One of my favorite things about Wonder Woman, truly, is that she isn’t some isolated solo bad ass. 

There is no brooding, Bat Man like “loner” streak in her. She has no Supermany “Fortress of Solitude.” No, while Diana may sometimes be separated from her fellow Amazons, she never shuns them in self inflicted monkery. 

Rather, spectacularly, Diana revels in her sisterhoods. Whether with her fellow Amazons, or with other heroes, or with her human friends, like Candy. Wonder Woman’s enduring sense of Camaraderie, of fellowship, of solidarity and sisterhood is truly noble, and it’s one of  my favorite things about her.

She’s not concerned with being better than other women. She is not jealous of other women’s successes and strengths. She has no deep broody desire to prove herself worthy. She is filled to the brim with self confidence and  EAGER to embrace other women as her sisters. 

Self Confidant, dedicated to justice, and embracing sisterhood with all other women: All feminists should aspire to be as wondrous as Wonder Woman. 

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